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I SUMINISTROS CARNICOS RIOS we give priority to our customers satisfaction.


Suministros Carnicos Rios started in the beautiful city of Torrevieja in 1990 as a family company. Nowadays it has become a company with more than 40 eployees, modern and dynamic, with instalations, working protocol, and qualified personal, adapting to the highest quality requirements and the current european rules.

In Suministros Carnicos Rios we keep strength trust union with our customers , based on the safety of our products.

The selective selection of the product, the discerning sanitary controls , a professional service and competitive prices, makes our costomers trust us, so we asume a very important compromise: our customer satisfaction.

Besides it owns manufacturing, this company imports several products from different countries, and distrbute them along the restauration marcket, catering trade, etc.

Some of our product are: all kinds of meat ( poultry, pork, beef, horse, ostrich, etc.), high quality home made deli, german bread, ham, german and british items....


» High quality deli manufacturing, using only first class meat ( E class) certificated.

» Importation and distribution of meat products .

» Direct sale to the customers in our shops.

» Distribution to wholesalers, restaurants, hotels, etc.

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